Last week / oops...

Last week I had a....an incident? I'm not sure if that's the right thing to call it. A series of unfortunate mistakes and circumstances that culmitated in a miserable night in the hospital? Let me explain...

I got to work and made breakfast. I hate eating when I first wake up -  I always feel like my stomach hasn't woken up yet when I first get up, so I wait until I get to work before I chow down on the classic bagel/fruit combo that I so love. This morning was a bit different though - there were URGENT projects and data revisions that had to be RUSHED because of how vital they were to a project that I can't now remember, less than a week later. I gave my Humalog for my food, went to the kitchen at work to toast my bagel & slather it with peanut butter,  then brought it back to my office where I started working.

I got to my desk, sighed at the urgency of the requests in my inbox,  and cheerfully tackled the project at the top of the pile. I worked like crazy until about 1:30pm, when I realized that not only was I about an hour later than usual for lunch, but I had skipped my 2hr post-meal check! Whoops!

Normally I do that bg check almost every morning, along with the rest (check, bolus, food), with one small exception... iiiii normally give my levemir after I eat breakfast.  This particular morning I just got so distracted that...I just didn't.

So: damage control, as at 1:30 I was 18 and probably climbing. I corrected.  I put off eating. I carefully calculated correct boluses for the food that I did eat. I corrected again. ...and again. ....aaaaand again.

By 10pm I was 26. I corrected rage-bolused with 7 (more) units of humalog, and checked again 30 or 40 minutes later, which is when I saw that I has climbed to 28. I know that 40 minutes isn't long enough for the humalog to peak, but it should have at least started working at that point. At that point I was exhausted and slightly hysterical - I had been fighting off a pounding headache, dry mouth, and a churning stomach for around 10 hours by then, so I called my doctor's office and requested that the on-call endo call me back. A few minutes later I had a wonderfully calm and reassuring-sounding doctor on the phone, who listened to my very detailed account of everything I had eaten or injected over the course of the day. My play-by-play of my terrible sugars all day ended with me asking him what would be the safest way to correct this without overdoing it.*

He pretty much gave me 2 options : he said that if I had someone I could call so I wasn't alone overnight, he would recommend that I give extra levemir and humalog, and set alarms to wake me up periodically overnight so I could check every few hours. He emphasized that that wouldn't be the best option though, and said that as I live by myself and wouldn't have anyone close by if I needed help, he would recommend that I get myself to an ER.

so..off to the ER. I was reluctant to go, but the fact that when I arrived I was sitting at 31.7 helped to convince me that it had been a good idea. They were wonderful & gave me IV fluids until my sugars stabilized at 4am, then sent me home. I called my boss (work phone! Not at home!) and left a slightly rambling voicemail about how I felt like a sack of crap, then went to bed and slept for 12 hours, waking only to give my 8:30am levemir.

*I did not have any ketostix at the time. The day after, I went to the pharmacy & picked some up. My next high bg will be the first time I check for ketones in ...probably over 12 years...

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