a1c results

The last few days have been crazy! (good-crazy....)


I spent lunch on Friday at the hospital getting my bloodwork for the a1c test that my healthcare team said I need in order to go on a pump. I emailed the nurse on my D-team and asked if she could fwd me the result when she received it, and was absolutely floored when she sent me the number on Monday. I was expecting something close to what it had been last time. I've been working harder, but I also had a few rough patches over the summer so overall I figured I would end up about the same - but I was shocked to get my result and see that my a1c has dropped by 0.9% since my last test in June. 0.9%!! 😀

I'm also participating in the JDRF Ride this October! I'm super excited to be able to join an event like this.  There's a big story behind how my team came together is coming together, but that's a post for another day!



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