Preparing for the JDRF Ride 2013

So last October I walked past an event in the lobby of the building where I work. This isn't unusual; the plaza on the main floor is huge and events are hosted there year-round. This one caught my attention though - I saw JDRF posters, so I stopped to take a look at what was going on. I saw stationary bikes spread out all over the lobby, with workout-gear-clad people stopping by registration tables, and teams of enthusiastic individuals cheering on their colleagues and friends who were riding the stationary bikes. Naturally, I was intrigued...

I looked it up few days later and found out all about the JDRF ride, and decided to try to get involved next time it came around. Fast-forward to a few weeks ago, I realized that this year's Ride was fast approaching and I should start planning 😀

I called my local JDRF office to ask whether individuals can participate without a team, and was told that they don't recommend it. The rep said that someone from my workplace was involved with the JDRF though, and offered to approach this individual for me and ask whether he would want to join me. To sum up what would otherwise be a long (and fairly boring) story, I spoke to a few people and have three "probablys" who have told me that they will ride with me on a team this year. I created my workplace's team (I'm a team capitain!) a few days ago, and now I'm just waiting for my coworkers to register so I'm not the only team member :P.

I'm sort of excited, although there's definitely a part of me that worries that, since my coworkers haven't actually registered yet, they might change their minds and decide not to participate, so I would be biking the whole hour on my own... & I'm semi-fit but I still think that I would find that pretty challenging. I also haven't started telling the rest of the office that I'm riding, since I feel like it's strange to call it a "workplace team" when I'm the only one registered. I want my future (hopefully) teammates to sign up online so I can start passing the team page along to others in my workplace!


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