JDRF Ride, Medtronic talk, and an "oops" moment...

I'm excited!

Tomorrow is the day! It's the JDRF Ride event :D!

My team ride time is 1pm, so around 12:30 I'll head over to register & find out where my team's bike is stationed. I spoke to the local JDRF rep yesterday, and because my team still had 2 empty spots, she was trying to get us an extra team member. It turns out that several members of the Sens Alumni team are attending the event, and one of them (a former Detroit Red Wings player) works as a firefighter in the City and is attending the event, so he was matched with my team! I get a hockey player! 😀 John Barrett is going to be joining the City Hall team 🙂

Another super exciting thing for tomorrow: I'm attending an info session on the Medtronic pump+cgm combo. A Medtronic rep is coming to my area to discuss these things PLUS the new enlite sensor. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the devices, plus the change to ask questions in person is always nice :).

Also.....side note. I guess I got super caught up in everything that's been going on this week. Not just tomorrow's JDRF Ride and the Medtronic presentation, but work has been insane - my department had some major deadlines for reports and projects that had to be prepared for today, so I've been spending a lot of time at work lately. I've also been feeling so drained that I head to bed soon after I get home, so I haven't done my usual inventory of D-supplies.... so of course, I use my last test strip before dinner tonight, head to the cabinet to crack open a new bottle, and - surprise! I'm completely out.

I do have my spare, emergency, use-me-if-you're-desperate bottle of extra test strips...in my desk drawer at work.

Luckily I could still pull out my spare Contour Next meter, so I'm not completely out of luck til I can order new ones for my Contour USB tomorrow.

Spare meter to the rescue!

Spare meter to the rescue!


It's a bit of a bummer. I haven't let anything like this happen since I moved out and took over filling my own prescriptions (I was a lucky kid/teen/young adult...my wonderful mother would renew and pick up my prescriptions for me when I lived at home), but I've been so distracted over the past week and a half that I guess this just...slipped. Oh well - fixed by tomorrow, hopefully...




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