Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #3: snacks

Today's snack: tortilla chips & homemade avocado dip. mmmmm.......



There are 80g of chips, which = 48g of carbs.

There's about half of an avocado in the container, which has almost no carbs (because of the fiber content)...so I start by counting the avocado's 2g carbs. A few diced-up pepper and onion pieces: same deal (maybe 1tbsp of chopped red onion: 0.9g carbs, 0.2g fiber, for a whopping total of 0.7g carbs / around 1/4c chopped red pepper is 1.7 carbs & 0.7g fiber, so a total of 1 carb). I don't even bother trying to count the onion & garlic powder - I have never tallied carbs from spices and powders... so I'd place the carbs in the dip at 4 or 5.

Snack total: 53g carbs.


I guess this is why a photo prompt of "snacks" works so well for Diabetes Awareness Month... because a tasty snack is never as easy as just having a snack.



Photo prompts for the rest of the month are on Kerri's Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day blog post! Tomorrow's photo: "proud"

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