Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #4: proud

This is a picture of the letter I got from my insurance company in September. After months of fighting with them, I finally received word that they would cover cgm supplies.

Insurance letter for cgm!

Insurance letter for cgm!


This might seem like a silly thing to be proud of. After all, it's just a letter confirming insurance coverage, right?


The thing is that it took me a very long time to get this. My insurance company sent me a lot of letters telling me that these medical supplies could not be covered for a variety of reasons. Most of the letters were things like "your request for coverage information was missing the following required documents:" ...& then the letter would go on to list some documents (prescription from my endo, letter detailing why the devices are medically necessary, 90 days of BG/carb/insulin logs, itemized quote for the supplies, etc) that were "missing".

Usually when they sent a letter like this I had already supplied the information that they wanted - so I would send it again, and they would reply that something else (again, something they already had) was missing. I almost gave it up more than once.. I found it so, so tempting to just say screw it, and live with a new insulin pump but without the cgm. Now that my insurance fight is over (for now, at least), I'm really glad I kept going.


So yeah - this is something I'm proud of :).


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