Things I have learned: funerals

I learned this week that after the viewing, you will require a car to move from the funeral home to the burial site for a funeral. If you do not have a car, you will have a problem.

I also learned that there are good, kind people in the world. People who recognize a sad, slightly panicky, out-of-place girl who has never dealt with death as an adult. Never dealt with grief. People will see this anxious, forlorn girl and offer a lift to the burial so she's not stuck wandering a very large cemetery.

I learned that it's become automatic to turn my sensor alarms off and set my pump to vibrate before things like movies, shows, meetings, and, apparently, funerals. I don't remember doing it, but it was done.

Diabetes has been doing the usual. It's had its ups and downs this week, but somehow it feels like it matters less. I suppose that's fitting.

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