My local JDRF's first "Adults with T1" meeting

This past week was my local JDRF chapter's first "Adults with Type 1" meet-up. I posted on my local JDRF's facebook group a while ago - back in November or early December - and asked whether they had any programs or meetings for adults with t1. The reply I got said that they were setting up a meeting for people who wanted to get involved with organizing all of that, so of course I said OMG YES. I attended that meeting in December, and from that mtg, plan was for everyone to email ideas for what to do in an AT1 meetup. Two people planned to set up an event, and we (the organizational team) were to send in ideas for future meetings.

Two people from that group organized a meeting at a pub downtown this past week - we got together for drinks, food, and conversation, and it was amazing. It felt so liberating to be able to turn to the person next to me and ask questions about their cgm. I actually got to see a dexcom! it was soooo cool. I  got to sit there and ask questions like "what does a cgm sensor feel like" or "how does it feel to get the overnight results / how have you been able to make changes to your insulin regime as a result of your cgm data?"

I realized about halfway through that I would probably be nowhere as comfortable having those same discussions with my close friends. Don't get me wrong - I love talking about D-supplies with my family, and love researching and reading about new devices, tools, medical research - all that cool stuff. Putting those things together is a little bit different though... There's always a little voice in the back of my head when I rave on about these things to my family and friends... It's the voice that's wondering what's going on in their heads. Are they bored? Wishing I would shut up about health stuff? Wondering why I haven't picked up on how they don't care about learning what a cgm is?

I hope I'm way off, but there's always a part of me that wonders. I didn't realize it at the time, but a few days after sitting down for food and conversation with other adults with t1, I was able to pin down the thing that I enjoyed so much: I genuinely believed that everyone else at the table was just as interetsted in these topics as I was. I could talk about overnight lows and not wonder once whether anyone was uncomfortable or waiting for the conversation to end. It was a pretty great night...

Our next "organizational team" meeting is in about 3 weeks, and the next AT1 meeting is at the end of the month. I'll report back on how it goes :).

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