The pump arrives!

Last week was a pretty busy week (diabetes-devices-wise, that is). I received a phone call on Monday from the Medtronic rep who had been helping me navigate through the process of figuring out whether my insurance would provide cgm coverage – she was calling because when we had last spoken, I’d told her that my “pump start” date was in May. She called to ask me whether that was still the case, since her office hadn’t received my forms from my d-clinic.




A voicemail to my diabetes nurse was returned within a half hour, and she told me something must have slipped up and not been sent. She assured me that my form would be faxed over ASAP, and reminded me that once my pump is delivered, I was to open it and play with it (become familiar with how it works, etc) in preparation for my pump start meeting.


Phew... crisis averted! I’ve been waiting for this pump start appointment since September, so thinking that it might be delayed because of a pump shipping issue? Eep...


The Medtronic rep called me back the next day to tell me everything was in order, and to ask me details re: the shipping stuff. She asked which types of infusion sets I’d like to try out, as they’d be sending me samples of some of them to get me through the first month. Apparently going on the pump comes with a month of infusion sets and reservoirs, and after that patients are stuck buying the next month out of pocket before the government funding kicks in (boo....). I arranged to have all of my stuff shipped to my mother’s work address, since I can’t sign for anything at home (they deliver from 9-5) and can’t take deliveries at work. Shipments arrived the next day, so I got to spend the Easter long weekend playing with my pump!


Even better: Yesterday, two more boxes arrived. Apparently a new pump comes with a new meter (for wirelessly communicating BGs back to the pump and cgm), which is at the same time cool (whoa new stuff) and frustrating (I LIKED my contour usb meter...). The second box was filled with PUMP SWAG: the cool gear they sent along as a part of a two-week promotion for which I was lucky enough to qualify. They sent over a sport case, a sport waistband, a bra clip, and a silicone skin.


So far I’ve only just started reading through the (absolutely massive) instruction manual that comes with the pump.

First impressions: holy crap, it's going to be easy to screw this up.

I think it's going to be an interesting learning process!

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