I passed this in the stairwell:


This is my hospital's method for dealing with a coffee spill on the floor. It's technically an accurate sign, I guess...


CGM Day!

Today is CGM day! I'm on my way in to the hospital for my CGM training with my CDE, the nurse from Medtronic who does pump and CGM trainings, and another patient who sees his endo at the same clinic as I do (they sometimes do pump- and CGM-trainings in pairs).

My list of worries includes (but is SO not limited to), in no particular order:
- It will bleed for ever and I'll have to remove the sensor
- They will want me to insert the sensor on my stomach (seems likely), which will hurt (because stomach sites always hurt)
- It will continue to hurt for the life of the sensor
- I will dislike cgm because my first one started with 6 days of discomfort
- I will screw something up with the insertion
- I'll forget something and look like a tool (but I watched all of the Enlite training videos! I swear I did!)
- When it hurts, I will get all teary. I do not want to cry.

...and that's just the beginning. I know that most of these things are either unlikely (3+ minutes of bleeding) or not as bad as I imagine them to be (6 days of discomfort), but knowing that doesn't change my worry level.

Either way, in a few hours I will be hooked up to my cgm. Wish me luck!

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