New pump

I got a new pump today!

I got a "Motor Error" and followed the prompts. Esc+Act to clear. Remove & re-prime reservoir. Called Medtronic to ask "soooo... why did I get a Motor Error?"

The very kind Medtronic rep had me describe the situation, and decided that my pump had to be replaced.

(Only 2months in & it's already broken? Yikes...)

I have an injection (actual injection! With a syringe!) to cover me for dinner. Around 50 minutes later I had my new pump. Say what you will about Medtronic pumps, but they're damn good about supplying a replacement.

Reset my old pump's settings (uploaded via carelink) to the new pump, linked it to my meter and transmitter, annnnd....it looks like I'm good to go :).

I must say...It's been a heck of a night!


At least I've had stable cgm graphs tonight...I know cgm isn't an exact representation of bg levels, but a stable cgm still makes me feel a bit better :).

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