I had an endo appointment scheduled for today.  I don't normally look forward to these appointments. I have an excellent endo whom I absolutely adore, but that doesn't change the fact that medical appointments are never fun. Endo appointments always involve a trip to the hospital to do bloodwork in the week prior to the appointment, PLUS the whole download-pump-and-cgm-data thing, so overall each appointment ends up being a moderate amount of work.

I went last Friday (over an "extended lunch hour", where I leave for ~90 minutes to go to the hospital in the middle of the day, then stay late at work to make up the time. I really need to stop doing this on Fridays -- staying late on a Friday is never fun) for the blood stuff.  This morning I brought printed copies of my Carelink Device Settings, Sensor Overlay, and Weekly Logbook reports of my pump/cgm data to work. I also managed to turn my pinkie finger purple this morning (probably from a lancet set to go too deep? Love when that happens...not), which was a bummer.


It can be easy to get sucked into things like that. I was fixated on a few small things, minor issues, and perceived injustices: "UGH work is so busy, and I'm losing half of an afternoon to go to this appointment."  "UGH My finger has a gigantic bruise. It hurts to type/use a mouse."  "UGH TOO MANY THINGS ARE HAPPENING."


Later this morning, a shooter attacked a soldier standing guard at the War Memorial downtown, which is about a 5-minutes walk from the building where I work. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was killed. The gunman got in a car and drove to the Parliament buildings, where he entered and again, shots were fired within the Centre Block. He was shot down by Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers.

My building went into lockdown shortly after the first event, and stayed that way for most of the day. We were allowed out of the building late this afternoon, and I walked about 40 mins to get to a transit station (about 1/3 of the distance of my total trip home) to avoid the traffic of people swarming out of the downtown core.

Of all of the things experienced by the people in my city today, my minor annoyances from this morning don't even deserve a mention. Perspective is a funny thing.



My heart goes out to the family and friends of those hurt or injured today. I feel so, so grateful for the heroes who stepped up today: our police, fire, and EMS first responders. All amazing people.


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