End-of-day lows?

Last week I ended one day with a pretty bad low.




It was bad enough for me to chug back 2 juice boxes (20-some carbs apeice) to try to feel better) before I left work).


The thing is?


I walk into a door on my way out of the building.


I had 2x 21 carbs PLUS a 2-floor walk before I hit that door...but sometimes It just isn't enough to figure out whether the door opens in or out. *sigh*.


i walked into a door on my way out of the building;

&' yes...


Nancy says hi!

Hia. I am the bff. I am the sounding board for ideas. I am also the person who runs to mel with every single problem I ever have and expect full support. She is my person. And I am lost without her.

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