Ooh, new colours!

Yesterday's bleedy  sensor has turned a lovely shade of purple. Grrr.



Celiac Diagnosis

I saw the GI  dr on Monday for a follow-up after an upper endoscopy earlier this month. I was optimistic that he would tell me things were the same as last year: Blood test was positive, scope was negative, so no way to confirm a diagnosis of Celiac disease.

No such luck this time. I received a positive,  clear message of "villous atrophy Confirms it: Diagnosis of Celiac disease. "

I'm still figuring things out. I haven't quite come  to terms with gluten-free life. This will be a lifelong journey, and for now I recognize that I'm barely scratching the surface. In fact, for this week, there's been a lot of substituting-wine-for-gluten. Is it a win? Probably not. Only time will tell. At least wine is delicious.


New sensor


Experiencing quite a bit of arm bleeding tonight.


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