A bit about me


My name is Melody. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 4, and manage it about the same as everyone else: insulin (I've used both a pump and MDI), testing, carb-counting, all that fun stuff.

I write to get it all out there, because living with a disease that's 24/7/365 is hard. Really, really, really hard. I write to help me process the ups and downs of all of this, and also because I hope that maybe some part of my story will help someone else struggling through any of the same difficulties with t1.


I am in NO way perfect. These pages chronicle bits and pieces of my story of trying to make it from day to day through this damn disease, but I make mistakes along the way. (It's true. I once bruised my knee trying to split a frozen loaf of garlic bread with it. That is not a sign of a particularly bright or has-her-life-together sort of person).

I've also recently spent some time dealing with depression and a new diagnosis of celiac disease. I touch on those two things in here as well.


Nothing on here should in any way constitute medical advice. Talk to your doctor or healthcare team about anything and everything health-related!

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