13? Balderdash, says I!

Welcome, ladies and gents. It is November 4th, meaning that we are 4 day in to Diabetes Month.
For today, I would like to give you a glimpse into the frustration that comes along with this big ball of autoimmune-related shit called Diabetes.
Ketones start spilling out into urine at a BG of 13 mmol/L. This is a well-documented fact, check the American Diabetes Association or similar sites to confirm. 
So why, then, does a BG like this:

CGM reading of 12.8

CGM this morning

Confirmed via fingerstick:

BG meter value of 12.3

BG via meter

Produce ketones that look like THIS:?!

Ketone stick measuring high ketones

PURPLE ketone stick

Please excuse me, I'll be spending the rest of the day suppressing the urge to scream while mindlessly beating my head against a wall out of frustration.


A quick update

November has been a busy month. Other than being Diabetes Month and having the online world be filled with World Diabetes Day-related posts and messages, that is!

In brief, a bit of what's going on:

  • How I spent about WDD: Driving! I travelled about 5hrs to visit family in a whirlwind trip that had me leave home Saturday morning and return Sunday night. I had never before taken a solo road trip that involved that many consecutive hours of driving, and on top of this I absolutely loathe long car trips, so I was more than a bit anxious to see how this would play out. Careful BG monitoring and CGM usage throughout helped to keep me in a safe range while driving, so that worked out nicely!

The only time over the entire weekend when I struggled with BGs was during my actual visit. I love my extended family dearly and was quite glad to see them (this was a last trip before they move farther than I'll be able to travel to see them), but the stress of family took all of my normal reactions to food/insulin and just about tripled them. I had multiple lows which, when treated appropriately (15-20g of carbs, wait 15 agonizingly slow and painful minutes), resulted in a super-spike. I chased the roller coaster for the entirety of my time spent with family (boo).

  • Also on WDD: I received a fun message from the company that hosts me here at deveryday. A whole mess that I couldn't deal with without my laptop resulted in deveryday being down for a couple of days, and now that we're back up and running, I need to work on restoring everything I've posted since September. It seems my fix has sucked the last 2 months' worth of posts into the void.
  • Some reading: Lately I've been finding myself flipping through Ginger Vieira's book. More on this later, but for now I'm finding it to be an enjoyable read.

Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #7: blue

my pooch 🙂  (in a blue winter coat!)

my mr. ben :)20131105_214659


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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #6: relationship

The relationship I have with my diabetes is a strange one.


Up until very recently I didn't always notice it. It wasn't a priority for me.  I don't really want to comment here on the way I managed my diabetes for the first 19ish years, but I will talk about how it's been over the past few months.


Lately? Since making a lower a1c, better numbers after meals, closer carb ratios, etc all priorities? It's a rare hour when I don't think about my diabetes in some capacity.  Usually (probably 85% of the time) when I think about diabetes, I'm just thinking of what my sugars are. I'm wondering what that number is... and with fingerstick testing, I either wonder or I check - no second option*.  The rest of the diabetes-related-thoughts are usually about food or about whether I need to make insulin/food changes based on my plans for the immediate future.

...yesterday was not a good day though. Yesterday, I went a little low (3.8...so not too low) and tried to have a sip of juice to fix it, since my next meal wouldn't be for a while. I got distracted and chugged back a bunch of juice (that's what I get for trying to drink only 1/3 of a juice box :S), which threw everything out of whack for the rest of the morning. A little mistake, but one that I paid for over an entire morning... so I don't have any nice things to say about my relationship with my diabetes today.

He took me cave exploring for my birthday this summer :)

me & Boyfriend


This relationship though? This one is awesome. This is my favourite relationship <3. I could talk about this one any day.









* This is one of the things I am looking forward to with a cgm: the ability to check in on bg levels without actually...checking.





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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #5: advocate


Today's photo prompt is a tough one.  I write about my diabetes not so much to advocate... I write mostly to help me deal with all of it. I find that writing things down helps me to process my thoughts and, if chronicling the ups and downs of life with t1d helps someone else who might stumble upon my rambling thoughts? COOL! ...but no, I don't think that my writing counts as advocacy.


This, though? I guess this does:

JDRF Ride bike

JDRF Ride bike

This is one of the bikes that was stationed outside of the registration table when I participated in the JDRF Ride event last month.  I like to think that raising awareness (not to mention raising $$!) counts as advocacy, even if it's small-scale advocacy. I had family members and coworkers supporting me and my team in the event, which definitely raised at least some awareness about type 1 in the people around me.


I like to hope that this was just the first of many opportunities to advocate for funds devoted to research and a cure. This stuff is SO important... (but if you're reading this, then you already know that).


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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #4: proud

This is a picture of the letter I got from my insurance company in September. After months of fighting with them, I finally received word that they would cover cgm supplies.

Insurance letter for cgm!

Insurance letter for cgm!


This might seem like a silly thing to be proud of. After all, it's just a letter confirming insurance coverage, right?


The thing is that it took me a very long time to get this. My insurance company sent me a lot of letters telling me that these medical supplies could not be covered for a variety of reasons. Most of the letters were things like "your request for coverage information was missing the following required documents:" ...& then the letter would go on to list some documents (prescription from my endo, letter detailing why the devices are medically necessary, 90 days of BG/carb/insulin logs, itemized quote for the supplies, etc) that were "missing".

Usually when they sent a letter like this I had already supplied the information that they wanted - so I would send it again, and they would reply that something else (again, something they already had) was missing. I almost gave it up more than once.. I found it so, so tempting to just say screw it, and live with a new insulin pump but without the cgm. Now that my insurance fight is over (for now, at least), I'm really glad I kept going.


So yeah - this is something I'm proud of :).


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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #3: snacks

Today's snack: tortilla chips & homemade avocado dip. mmmmm.......



There are 80g of chips, which = 48g of carbs.

There's about half of an avocado in the container, which has almost no carbs (because of the fiber content)...so I start by counting the avocado's 2g carbs. A few diced-up pepper and onion pieces: same deal (maybe 1tbsp of chopped red onion: 0.9g carbs, 0.2g fiber, for a whopping total of 0.7g carbs / around 1/4c chopped red pepper is 1.7 carbs & 0.7g fiber, so a total of 1 carb). I don't even bother trying to count the onion & garlic powder - I have never tallied carbs from spices and powders... so I'd place the carbs in the dip at 4 or 5.

Snack total: 53g carbs.


I guess this is why a photo prompt of "snacks" works so well for Diabetes Awareness Month... because a tasty snack is never as easy as just having a snack.



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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #2: check

Todays prompt is "check"... this one seemed easy enough! ...until I checked, and was a little iffy about the result:


Today's check

Today's check


It's not awful, it's just not wonderful either. Oh well, not to worry - I could do worse than 7.7 😛


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Diabetes Awareness Month photo prompt #1

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Some of my favourite writers have started participating in the Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day: this is where you post a diabetes-related photo every day, and the photos follow a certain theme or prompt.

I've decided to (try to) participate. I say "try to" because I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to post pictures every day for an entire month, but I certainly want to try!

Today's prompt is "past," so here it is:

A page from my grade 8 autobiography. I was 12 at the time.

In grade 8 my class was tasked with writing an autobiography. Mine included a second page about the insulin pump that I had started using about 6 months prior to writing the assignment, but this is the page about my diagnosis.


Fun Fact: the whole assignment has me as a year older than I actually am... so where it says "In 1992, when I was 5 years old [...]" I was actually 4. I started kindergarten a year early (at 3 instead of 4), so my parents fibbed about my age so I could be eligible to start school (since they wouldn't let a 3-year-old in to kindergarten). Apparently years later, at a different school (grade 8 / middle school) I was still perpetuating that lie... 😉


Photo prompts for the rest of the month are on Kerri's Diabetes Month Photo-A-Day blog post!

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