Nancy is 1000% my person!

I am lucky enough to have several people. My people have completed a variety of human-sciences-related degrees in related disciplines.

Nancy finished her HK degree at uOttawa and a physio internship at the same time. She also has 8 distant family members (6 nieces, 2 nephews) and is pretty good at the whole "I will-do-physio-and-figure-out-your-problem-" thing. This helps, as I seem to have a problem with recurring nerve stuff.

I tend to rely pretty heavily on the opinions of my beloved bff at all times. She is excellent at providing advice on muscle or joint issues, and because of me (I take fulllll credit for this) she has a pretty damn good idea of all of the ins and outs of diabetes. As always, if you're experiencing any sort or medical distress, please contact 9-11- or your local medical emergency response team.

I am the MOH in her wedding because she loves me most. She is the fixer of all of the wine situations, which tend to happen more often than we like to admit... She is also awesome at 3D mario- which sadly, I am not.... I am hobbit-queen and excel at the old school mario flying but all of the 3Ds isn't my thing 😉

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