Book and product reviews

I've done a ton of diabetes-related reading lately, so I'd like to post a bit about books and other products that I recommend. The book or product title will link to anything I have written about it, and the author or product owner's name will like to their page in case you'd like to purchase the item :).


Books I have read: 


Balancing Diabetes (Kerri Sparling)

Diabetes Burnout: What to do when you can't take it anymore (William Polonsky, Amy Peterson)

The Book of Better (Chuck Eichten)

Think Like a Pancreas (Gary Scheiner)

Pumping Insulin


These are some books I have read and enjoyed:

Mind over Mood (Greenberger, Padesky)

Hyperbole and a Half (Allie Brosh)

The First Step (Emm Roy)


Books I own but haven't read yet (reviews coming after I read them!):

Emotional Eating with Diabetes (Ginger Vieira)




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