Enhanced Enlite: Day 10

It's still going! I was out late last night and forgot to calibrate before I went to bed, so I woke up to a blank cgm graph and a few hours of missing data. I gave it a new cal and so far it's been matching my bg levels pretty well.

I did have to tape it down again yesterday though. We'll see how much longer the new tape lasts -- arm sites tend to go through tape pretty quickly.


Arm site

I replaced yesterday's wonky sensor...


Arm sensor

New sensor site


I've never used an arm site for either my cgm or for an infusion set, but the Medtronic rep told me in my cgm training that as far as "off-label" sites go, users have reported very good results with using their upper arms. This sensor has been on for about 12 hours,  and so far it's been pretty accurate.


Here's hoping it works for at least 5.5 more days!

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