No D Day 2013


I saw this great post prompt over on Ninjabetic about No D day. The idea is to not mention diabetes online, but instead to talk about something else - so here it goes!


I used to be a lifeguard. Still am, actually, but that's sort of taken the back burner now that I'm an adult with a grown-up job and a house and a dog and all sorts of adultish responsibilities. I lifeguarded and taught advanced aquatic courses (I taught lifeguards how to be lifeguards. I also taught instructors how to teach swimming lessons) when I was in university. I teach both the Lifesaving Society and the Red Cross programs, and although I don't teach anywhere near as much now as I used to, I still love it!

My favourite course to teach? It's probably a tie between the LSS's Advanced Instructor course and the Examination Standards Clinic. The AI course is for instructors who already teach swimming lessons but want to teach more advanced levels (teaching first aid, teaching lifeguards, etc) & the ESC is for instructors who already teach advanced levels but want to be able to run exams to certify candidates. I think I love these two courses the most because the candidates who take them are brand new to advanced teaching and examining. Candidates in these courses tend to be excited about teaching, and it can get harder and harder to find that level of enthusiasm the longer an instructor has been teaching.


What else to say about me (that's not about D)?...


I have the cutest dog. His name is Ben & he's a big pile of adorable. He knows it, & he'll use his cuteness to try to win a few extra treats sometimes all of the time. Here's my little guy:


big yawns!

big yawns!








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