Ooh, new colours!

Yesterday's bleedy  sensor has turned a lovely shade of purple. Grrr.



Sensor Bruise

I inserted a new sensor this afternoon. It bled a bit, but not much. I waited a few minutes, and after noticing no new blood, I attached the transmitter. I started a new transmitter on my pump then hopped in the car to do some shopping.

The sensor hurt. It was sore and hurt every time the fabric of my jeans stretched over it.  I started walking carefully to avoid jarring it, since it was aching more the more I moved.

I picked up groceries and noticed something odd as I got back in the car: a tiny red spot on my jeans. I checked it out when I got home, and not only had it kept bleeding badly enough to soak through my jeans, but it also left one huge mofo of a bruise on either side.

ow ow ow.

Sensor bruise in my leg

Ow ow ow.

Accuracy has thus far been crap, although the sensor has only been in for around 6 hours so I know I'll need to wait until tomorrow (and calibrate a few more times) before I can expect my sensor graph to be any good.


Still: Ow.

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