Enhanced Enlite: Day 10

It's still going! I was out late last night and forgot to calibrate before I went to bed, so I woke up to a blank cgm graph and a few hours of missing data. I gave it a new cal and so far it's been matching my bg levels pretty well.

I did have to tape it down again yesterday though. We'll see how much longer the new tape lasts -- arm sites tend to go through tape pretty quickly.


My first Enhanced Enlite sensor

I'm currently on day 8 of my first Enhanced Enlite sensor. I had to re-tape it on day 4, but other than that it's doing quite well. I restarted it as a new sensor as I approached the 6-day mark, and I've noticed that the sensr's accuracy is still just as good as it was in Round 1.I woke up to a meter BG of 6.4 this morning and a sensor BG of 7.0 -- a difference of only 0.6 mmol/l (around 11 mg/dl), which I consider to be pretty damn close.

Also: *happy dance* because I love waking up at 6.4 with a nice straight line graph on my cgm. What a lovely way to start a Monday!


New Enhanced Enlite

About a month ago Medtronic sent out a News Release about their "Enhanced Enlite" that would be available to consumers in Canada in October.


It sounds like it's got some pretty sweet improvements. The site talks about reduced sensor size (80% reduction in the size of what sits under the skin), new sensor design that will allow it to give better daily performance, new adhesive that's less likely to irritate skin, and changes to the connection between the sensor and transmitter.

I originally saw the news because I subscribe to Medtronic Canada on twitter. They tweeted about it, so I replied and asked whether customers on their Automatic Supply Agreement would be automatically switched to the new sensors in October.

Medtronic Canada's reply

Medtronic Canada's reply

They replied that no, users would have to call in and request the switch, since customers can decide whether they want to switch.

Very cool! I haven't called yet, but my next Automatic Supply order isn't due til the end of October, so I've got a bit of time to get it done :).

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