Hello again, nighttime lows.

My second low of the night - by 2am I had hit 2.5 (45 mg/dl) TWICE. This is a) unusual for me, and b) super crappy.

Naturally,  I dealt with the second low by drinking....this:

(that jug of juice was full before I opened it to treat low #2)

Also naturally, a half hour later I am 11.2 (~200 mg/dl) and probably still rising.

I'm just getting over a head cold (which usually pushes me super high), as well as a double bacterial eye infection caused by the spreading of a sinus infection (SO. GROSS.), and am on nasal spray steroids to deal with the sinus stuff (which I would expect to also cause highs?) but, much to my surprise, lows have been kicking my ass lately.  I've reduced my levemir by 20%, and I'm thinking my nighttime dose needs to come down even more. I wish everything could just stay nice & stable... like, once basals and boluses are all figured out, we could have nothing ever change. With all of the extra work that d-folks already do just to stay healthy, is that too much to ask?

K, whine officially over. Time to get back to bed!

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