I don't know if all MDs in my area have recently undergone some sort of fantastic training re: the importance of words and phrasing, or if I've just been lucky to see doctors who are extremely adept at choosing words that do not place blame on the patient. I've seen two different (and new-ish) doctors In the last week, both of whom were careful to separate me from my diabetes in some parts of our discussions.

I asked the second doctor some questions about things that may come up a few years down the line, and her reply was that because of "the diabetes" I would be considered high-risk, and would therefore be transferred to a different physician.

Nowhere in that statement did she make me feel as though any of that statement depended in any way on my management of my diabetes.

I know this could come off in several ways. I don't think I'm describing it very well, but what I'm hoping to say is that she made me feel like I would not be the reason why I would need to see a high-risk clinic...diabetes was. I know she certainly wasn't trying to say that it doesn't matter how hard I try to manage my sugars; rather, I think she was telling me that just by virtue of having diabetes I will need to see a specialist, and that is not my fault. It is not the result of any action or inaction on my part.

Not "because of "YOUR" diabetes. Not "because of YOUR" sugars. Not because of this disease tied to me that I drag around 24/7. Not because of me, or anything that I did, or anything I will ever do.

Not because of anything I can control.

That, I think, is what feels so liberating - in the face of all of the things that I can control, that I should control, knowing that this, I can't, and it is not my fault.

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