Pregnancy, round 2


We're expecting baby #2 in February 2020!

This time around I'm doing pregnancy a bit differently. Still seeing my hospital's Special Pregnancy Unit every 2-3 weeks, still doing set changes every other day because I'm using so much insulin, still riding the BG rollercoasters when the nausea kicks in and I can't keep food down... but this time, I've got Loop on my team.

Loop is fantastic. Loop adjusts me back into target without requiring my input. Loop makes sure I wake up at a steady 4.4 every morning -- something I can't achieve on my own without scheduling multiple overnight bg checks.

I've got to say, after Looping for an few months I don't think I could ever go back!

( www.loopdocs.org if you're looking fo more info!)


New addition to the family- in progress

I've been quiet here for a little while.

A lot of that has to do with Life getting Busy. Very Busy.

I am 6 months pregnant with our first little bundle of joy. It has been an exhausting, exciting, and terrifying couple of months. Baby and I are healthy and doing well, and are being monitored very closely by the endocrinologists and maternal-fetal medicine specialists at my hospital. I'm at the hospital for around 3-6 hours every 2 weeks, and I expect appointments to be more frequent when I hit my 3rd trimester.

Managing diabetes in pregnancy has been exhausting. Regular diabetes already felt like a full-time job; pregnancy diabetes is even more time-intensive (which I thought was impossible, but... I've learned). The mental load of constant monitoring, paired with the constant low-level guilt that comes with every higher-than-desired BG, is leaving me pretty wiped out. I'd love to say I'm this tired at the end of every day, but truthfully it's 9am as I type this and I'm just about ready to cry, then sleep for about 36 hours. Not sure if it's the insulin resistance or my body responding to getting less exercise, but the post-meal spikes are spikier, the lows are rougher and more brutal, and the t1d-management full-time job is feeling more intensive than ever.

We've got a few more months to go. Here's hoping for a healthy mom and baby!

Baby ultrasound pic

Our little man!

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