Pre-wedding update!

Omg omg omg

I am 39 hours away from being married.
I have not been wearing a sensor. Keep meaning to start a new one. I should do that tonight, probably.
I've been checking less with no sensor. Maybe 2-3 times per day. No bad lows, though? & no highs that I've noticed. Doesn't mean they haven't happened though. 
It's almost time. I will start a new sensor, so that it has time to wet properly before the wedding begins. Just once I finish this book?


Emotional Eating with Diabetes (part 1)

I've started reading Ginger Vieira's book, so here is Part 1 of what I imagine will be a 2-part review:


The Likes:

The writing is extremely relatable. There is no technical jargon, and the author uses plain language to describe the cause-and-effect relationships that exist between things like overtreating lows/weight gain or self-worth/self-sabotage, to name a few.

The worksheets and blank spaces give a person room to make a commitment to follow through by putting their goals in writing. For some, this can be a useful tool.


The Dislikes:

There's really only one that I've noticed, and it's more of a personal reflection than a critique of the book or the author. The pointed truths about how diabetes can impact eating habits and relationships with food are not easy to digest. Uncomfortable truths are just that - uncomfortable, and honestly that pretty much sums up how I've been feeling about my relationship with food since I began reading. Hopefully this discomfort can serve as the impetus for change.


Remember I'm not all the way through just yet, so Part 2 will include my overall thoughts on the book as a whole.

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