Whoops, I broke another one...(Talks with a MedT rep)

I seem to have broken another pump. I break a lot of pumps, it seems... (Only ...2 or 3 replacements in my first year on a pump?)

This time it was because my pump would go from an ok-battery to a NO BATTERY PUMP OUT OF POWER SHUTTING DOWN NOW situation in no time flat. I called Medtronic about this issue last time it happened and they sent me a new battery cap, but it happened again last week so they decided that a replacement pump was in order.


This time they forgot to send along the documentation (stickers, mailing labels, etc) that would let me mail back the old pump. I received the new pump and started programming it as I waited on hold to talk to someone about how I could return the old/defective pump. In doing so, I noticed a few cool things about the new one:
- This one has Software Version 3.1 (Old was 2.8, I think?)
- Under Utilities-> Connect Devices, this one has a "PC Connect" option (old pump didn't have this)


When the MedT tech picked up the phone, I described my lack-of-mailing-label issue. We chatted about that for a while, after which I was asked whether I had any other concerns or issues. I decided to take this opportunity to ask about the differences between the old and new software on the pumps. The MedT representative was fantastic, and gave me the following answers:

Question: "What is the difference between the v2.8 software and the v3.1 software?"
Answer (& remember: I'm paraphrasing here): Not much. The biggest difference is that the pump will no longer suspend itself while it connects to Carelink to upload pump and sensor data.

PC Connect, part of v3.1 software

New PC Connect option


Question: "What is PC Connect?"
Answer: Someday, eventually, pump users will be able to make changes to pump settings on a PC, then apply those changes to their pump. These changes are a while out, so it won't be coming any time too soon.

Question: Will this pump (the 530g) someday be able to talk to a mobile phone and take instructions from an app (dosing instructions, basal rate change instructions, etc)?
Answer: Maaaaybe. The rep told me that this is the goal, but as far as she knows, there's nothing like this yet.



Cool news about upcoming software changes! (regardless of how long these upgrades might take to get to Canada...)

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