MakeDiabetesVisible 2018, day 4

It's late and I'm tired, so have a #bgnow, courtesy of my METER BG NOW alarm:

Glucometer showing a bg of 12.

A little high, but I'll take it. Not a bad bg for 2am.

Good enough for overnight


Another dx anniversary 

A few words for my Diabetes.
So, diabetes, there's not much to note this year. It's a Sunday; I spent most of the day cooking and doing laundry. Exciting stuff. You know all about it- you followed me around all day, just as you have for the past few decades.
I started a new sensor but was about to eat dinner, then had just eaten, then ate dessert... so by the time I checked to calibrate, I was running pretty high. Hardly surprising. You remember this, I'm sure.  After all, you were there to refuse to take my sensor calibration. "Too high," you told me. "Try again later."
I recently heard some good news about having CGM evaluated for coverage in my province. More on this later, but it could be very exciting. Who knows, diabetes-- maybe more folks in my province could be equipped with the tools and the tech that we need in order to kick you back where you belong??
Diabetes, you might have noticed that I didn't get in fights with anyone today. I didn't get rip-roaring drunk and bawl my eyes out about you, the incessant nuisance that refuses to leave me the fck alone. I didn't cave to the unhealthy habits of back in the day. I was....okay.
Maybe this is growing up? It feels like quiet resignation. A resigned sort of sadness. I might not be ripping into anyone who dares piss me off today, but I'm still feeling that deep grief that can't be paved over no matter how hard you try to ignore it. I guess this is now it is.
Diabetes, it's been 24 years. I don't speak to you directly very often, as I find it hard to stay reasonable in these conversations, but I will say this:

As ever year,
I wish.

I hope. 

I very sincerely pray that someone; some divine ruler, some masterful scientist, SOME ONE hears these dreams of mine.

I hope only one of us is left this time next year.


Ben says WAKE UP (or, Blood Sugar Dog to the rescue)

Pump says low.

Melody says shhhh pump, I  sleep.

Boyfriend is not home.



Low alert

Thx pooch.


Sensor Bruise

I inserted a new sensor this afternoon. It bled a bit, but not much. I waited a few minutes, and after noticing no new blood, I attached the transmitter. I started a new transmitter on my pump then hopped in the car to do some shopping.

The sensor hurt. It was sore and hurt every time the fabric of my jeans stretched over it.  I started walking carefully to avoid jarring it, since it was aching more the more I moved.

I picked up groceries and noticed something odd as I got back in the car: a tiny red spot on my jeans. I checked it out when I got home, and not only had it kept bleeding badly enough to soak through my jeans, but it also left one huge mofo of a bruise on either side.

ow ow ow.

Sensor bruise in my leg

Ow ow ow.

Accuracy has thus far been crap, although the sensor has only been in for around 6 hours so I know I'll need to wait until tomorrow (and calibrate a few more times) before I can expect my sensor graph to be any good.


Still: Ow.

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